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If you want to learn something and want advice on how to achieve your goal, I have one tip that matters. Be actively engaged! If you do nothing else to help you learn, do this.

Unless you are proactive in your learning it just wont go in.

Take your memory for example. In any environment, not just learning, you need to be actively engaged in order to memorise something. If you are distracted, de-motivated, bored, or dis-engaged then you are very likely to forget or mis-remember.

Take for example a one penny piece. Can you remember what the tail-side looks like? If I asked you to draw it would you come close? Thousands, maybe millions of penny's will have been through your hands over your lifetime. But when asked to remember the details of the design on them how accurate are you?

Being actively engaged is the first hurdle to achieving your learning goal. And with goals that motivate you this should be the easiest hurdle to overcome.

Learning takes effort, but if you keep your goals in mind, and actively engage with what you are trying to achieve, you'll get there.


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