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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Like many other copywriters and creative folk I keep a swipe file. This is like a professional scrap-book where I keep articles and links that inspire my writing or provide valuable information on what today's audiences are looking for.  Keeping a swipe file full of great content also helps me get over writer's block if ever that should strike!

Before Brian my swipe file was simply a folder on my PC. When I'm on my phone I'd use another tool but there was no easy way to save URL links so I'd end up taking screen shots.  Brian has become my marketing assistant, my trusted keeper of all things knowledge and constantly keeps my learnings bang up to date and on top of my game.  Brian is incredibly easy to use, stores all my favourite URLs, gives them a title I can actually find under a heading page which quickens my search when I need the information.  No more time-wasting or mumblings of 'I know I saved it somewhere'.

I love Brian, he's so much easier to use than Evernote and the naming and pasting of URL links is an absolute god-send!

I'd recommend everyone having a BRIAN in their life to become that go-to place for everything that you love, everything that inspires you and everything that is going to help you grow allowing you to achieve all of your goals.

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