Alternative to OneNote?

OneNote is a productivity app from Microsoft. Onenote is great for notes, quick drawings, saving images and generally keeping organized. But what if you want more than just a way to file notes and articles?

At BRIAN our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Some of the information you want to save will be fine in a folder structure – Just as OneNote or Evernote will provide you. But some of the information holds more importance. What Onenote or Evernote don’t provide is a way for you to manage your goals. A goal might be something short term, such as taking an exam. It might be something long term, such as studying for a PHD. It might be recreational, such as a DIY project, or life changing, such as having a baby.

Whatever your goal you are likely to be using the internet in some way to support it. Maybe you are even using OneNote or Evernote to collate the information you find. But are these platforms helping you to reach your goal? Are they supporting you with reminders and refresher information?

BRIAN has been developed with your goals in mind.

Within BRIAN you can save simple notes, articles, links to videos. You can integrate with Pocket so that your relevant Pocket articles are saved to your BRIAN boards.

By using the goal and next-step helper in BRIAN you can manage when and how you are reminded of your goal and the motivation behind setting it.

BRIAN is available on IOS and Android. Although we don’t have a desktop version as yet (as of January 2019) we aim to have one before the end of the year, enabling syncing across devises.

Would you like to see a BRIAN integration with Onenote or Evernote, allowing you to pull your notes into BRIAN? Let us know.

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