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Here at Brian our goal is to build a community that helps share knowledge. Whether you are an expert in your field, ready to impart information on the topic you are most passionate about; a novice looking to gain advice from those in the know; someone needing a quick answer to a problem that's been alluding them; someone who tried to reach a learning goal in the past and failed, or someone wanting to keep motivated and organised. Brian is for you.

We all know that a problem shared is a problem halved. At Brian we like to think that knowledge shared is knowledge doubled.

While we are building the Brian platform we'd love to hear from those actively learning any topic; for their career, hobby, self-enrichment. What frustrations do you find when researching? How often do you have to go over stuff you've already sourced? What tricks do you have to remember what you've learnt? What hacks can you share?

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