Why Brian?

It's early days in our journey, help us shape what Brian can become.  
It's all about you

We are all unique.  Our ambitions and passions in life set us apart from one another.  What you want to learn and why is up to you.  The possibilities are endless.  

See Stories for ideas on how you can use Brian to achieve your full potential

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Learning is rarely an isolated activity – and nor should it be.  Whether you are researching articles from experts, reading books from validated authors or watching videos from your peers, you are learning from those who have gone before you and succeeded.

Brian enables you to learn from the best, whatever your topic of choice.  He will go the extra mile too and find articles, books and tutorials you may not have discovered yet. 

Memory is precious, don’t overfill it

You can’t remember everything, so don’t try to.  Brian’s amazing skills help you organise the information you need, discard what you don’t, and store what you might want later.

Brian knows just where you left off, so you don’t have to worry about remembering where you are on your learning journey, he’ll direct you back on track. 

Nudge, don’t push

Everyone is fighting for our attention – a ping for every notification, a bleep for every alert, a ding for every email and a ring for every message.  Crikey, the world today can be a very noisy place!   So, how do we cut through this constant noise and keep focused on the goals that are important to us at a time to suit us?  


We all need encouragement to keep motivated, but one man's nudge can be another man’s shove.  Brian is your non-judgmental coach and allows you to learn at your pace, he lets you take control.  

Fuel your curiosity

Albert Einstein once said, “the mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size”. 


Brian encourages you to find new subjects, learn new skills and explore new experiences, opening up a world of possibility.

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