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Meet Brian

Do you struggle to always achieve your goals?  Do you have interests you want to spend more time on, but life gets in the way?  


Whether you are learning a new skill, researching a holiday destination, or simply keeping organised, Brian will help you achieve your goals.

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Memory is precious, don’t overfill it

You can’t remember everything, so don’t try to. Brian will help you organise the information you need, discard what you don’t, and store what you might want later.

It's all about you

We are all unique.  Our ambitions and passions in life set us apart from one another.  What you want to learn and why is up to you.  The possibilities are endless.  

Wondering how others use Brian?  Watch a video

Nudge, don’t push

We all need encouragement to keep motivated, but one man's nudge can be another man’s shove.  Think of Brian as your non-judgemental coach, he lets you take control!  

Goal Tracking

We work with behavioural scientists to incorporate techniques to help you meet your goals.

Topic Boards

Curate Topic Boards full of the subjects that matter to you. Set reminders and stay organised.

Note Keeping

Type and save notes against your topics.  Use markdown to add formatting. Keep organised and stay on track

Save articles & Links

Found something online you want to save? Simple, add it to Brian.

Connect to Pocket for enhanced organisation. 

Next Step Helper

Use the Next Step Helper to breakdown goals, set reminders and smooth your path to success!

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